These 5 Best 2020 Investment Recommended by Experts

These 5 Best 2020 Investment Recommended by Experts

Not felt, 2020 is in sight. Are you ready with the ritual of drafting a new year’s resolution? Don’t forget to enter investment prospects that you can try to cultivate in 2020.

As in previous years, the government and experts in the investment sector provided an outlook, aka outlook for the economic outlook in the coming year. In general, Indonesia is said to be able to withstand the onslaught of the economy in the middle of the political investment year.

In a discussion attended by the Head of the Fiscal Policy Office of the Ministry of Finance Suahasil Nazara, Deputy Commissioner for the Integrated Management and Supervision of the Financial Services Authority Yohanes Santoso Wibowo, Deputy Chairperson of the Fiscal and Public investment Monetary Policy Division Kadin Raden Pardede, and Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Entrepreneurs Association Shinta W. Kamdani, mentioned there are three disruptions in relation to the economic prospects of 2020.

Disruption is in the form of technological


The, political, and economic disruption. True disruption is a disorder. But, in the creative hand, the disorder can be processed into a living field.

Hat is what the government and many business associations hope for, including investors. Because, in this way, the economy can move easily, and the investment climate and business can be maintained.

As for the best investment prospects in 2020, technology-related businesses are considered tasty for cash. It cannot be separated from the increasing advancement of technology, which is currently in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Other investment opportunities that are considered good are shares in state-owned enterprises, works and services and real estate. Mutual fund investments are also predicted to shine with all its dynamics.

1. Technology

According to Microsoft Indonesia Managing Director Haris Izmee, artificial intelligence (AI) technology offers growth, productivity, innovation, and the potential to respond to social challenges that are very important at the present time.

Investing in a business in technology can also be an option. Just look at how now people can easily find something with the help of virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Cortana, or Alexa.

Investments in this field can be in the form of shares or direct injections into start-ups that have not been listed on the stock exchange. Large companies that are starting to switch to digital technology systems are also seen as having bright prospects in navigating business competition going forward.

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2. Stocks

The Bloomberg survey also predicts that developing economies will experience a revival in 2020. Brazil and Indonesia are the leaders.

The recommended stock sectors for investment in 2020 include state-owned companies in the works or infrastructure sectors such as Waskita Karya and Jasa Marga.

The government has also set a budget of Rp. 400 trillion for infrastructure projects.These 5 Best 2020 Investment Recommended by Experts

Therefore, issuers in this sector remain a good choice. Following in previous years, when infrastructure projects were promoted.


3. Mutual funds

The stock mutual fund market is considered shiny as a 2020 investment field amid the Fed’s actions and political events in the country. The Composite Market Price Index (CSPI) is considered by analysts and investment managers to grow significantly next year.

Henan Putihrai Asset Management Vice President Reza Fahmi Riawan assessed the JCI could break through the 7,000 level with moderate growth above 10 percent by 2020. The campaign period is seen to make the economy run faster.

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4. Properts

Although property prices are rising, investments in this field are not too volatile. Chief Economist of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk David Sumual predicts there is stagnation in the property sector.

But there is a big opportunity for the property sector that is targeting millennials. According to David, those who are just working or earning income will be the main target of property developers in 2020.These 5 Best 2020 Investment Recommended by Experts

Stop former Congressmen and women

White House staff from direct lobbying, or indirect lobbying in a regulation firm, for ten years after leaving office. Jail those who spoil this rule. Ban them from offering and voting on laws that involve human beings and companies from whom they have got or would possibly advantage in coins or type.
Ban advertising of pharmaceutical merchandise until the headline suggests 3 things:
FDA approves the drug for the marketed motive.
Side results with the identical prominence as advantages.
Current problems related to the drug. So, for Bextra, the kingdom said problems.

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It is absurd to high-quality an enterprise for wrongdoing and no longer fee a person inside the firm. I have been a part of several securities magnificence-movement complaints. Companies paid hefty fines for lying, however, the CEO, board, and others kept their jobs and the law did no longer first-rate or jail them. That’s not proper! Somebody lied, that person needs to pay. No marvel the general public has a wrong opinion of commercial enterprise.

Today, the left clamors for socialism and demonize business. They see corrupt executives break out with a great deal and their firms praise them with big bucks. That’s no longer regular! The left doesn’t understand small companies are the predominant job creators in the financial system. And that Wall Street’s grasping rogues’ behavior does not reflect these small companies or most people of companies. The left believes the authorities is the solution. But, the authorities are inept, wasteful, and part of the problem. Greedy, dishonest politicians guard rogue executives even as they gather enormous marketing campaign finances and bribes.

We need to rid the enterprise of those who dedicate crimes. And we want much less government involvement in the enterprise with right oversight and powerful regulation enforcement whilst executives devote crimes. Business drives the economic system. It creates jobs at the same time as governments ruin jobs with corporate taxes and dumb regulations.

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