Free Girls Voice Changer – Modify the Sound & Tone App Download

What i liked: 1. The voices can be changed into funny voices….. 2. The changed voices are nice…. 3. I can add effects to my voice/song…… What i did’nt liked: 1. It’s filled with adds. Looking like i hv downloaded an app of adds… 2. Some voices cannot be changed. It is saying that the file …

This is actually one of the best apps I ever downloaded. It has everything you want and need. I love how the app is managed throughly. It even asked if I were a male, female and a child. Which not much apps ask. And although it has adds it is still the best app for voice changing:) P.S.- once u fini…

Great app, it allows me record songs with different voices. I’ll love to rate it a five star but the space required to save is too much

This is the worst voice changer ever! I hate it! It keeps kicking me out of the game! Please fix this! Ugh!

The production are wonderful, the only but is just the excess Ad. If the ad can be reduced alittle. We users would appreciate.

The voice changer was not even accurate. I chose female voice but it still sounded the same. Changing the pitch tone is different than female voice. It was like listening to chipmunks.

Keeps asking for permission of photos and media. Maybe some more voices?. Over all its a pretty good app.

I like this app so much… Especially the different types of voices to choose from. I’m using it to send funny messages to my mom… 😂

It’s a good app would recommend this for anyone who has a problem in singing it will help him or her this is the best

There are not many voices to choose from and every 10 seconds there is an ad. I played it for 1 minute and it immediately got boring, so j rate it 2 stars.

This app was terrible I was expecting it to make my voice sound better, but instead it eather made my voice sound creepy, Terrible, or the same. I do not at all recomed this all. I would seriously give -100 stars if possible. Terrible experence

I give this app 2 stars because when i try to open it it will always say “Voice Changer keeps on stopping”

I give this app 2 stars because when i try to open it it will always say “Voice Changer keeps on stopping”

Nice and lovely but there’s always a room for improvement.

Best voice changer app. Brings a new vibe to any song or sound

This app is great for changing your voice into different people. I think that it is very comical and hilarious.

This app is ok but the annoying thing is that every time I press something an ad comes up. Luckily I can skip it but it’s annoying

All thanks to the ads for appearing after every half minute..

Really liked using it and I didnt really mind the ads but now it just keeps crashing when I try to use it

It was ok maybe make it when your done recording you don’t sound like a robot

For those trying to professionals edit their voices…..this is the app to use. Just get some earphones and your good to go

It used to work fine but now it won’t let me open the app cuz it just stops me and it says super voice changer keeps stopping, unstalled and re installed and still is doing it, please fix!! Edit: okie dokie!

It helps me correct my vocal and its a great app … Download

I like it but the reason why I rate 1 star is because it doesn’t have singers voice In it.

I love this app.. I use it to do some of my podcasts.. Love the different effects available!

Its easy to use and it has lot of effects its good for music production

I like this app ,i love it too ,its amazing & fun .Its my first time to download it but it is making me smile ,thank you for such an app