Wifi Ka Password Maloom Karne Ka Tarika 2020

This is the answers of what US try to upgrade to 5G and it’s cannot go so far from distance , just at 5G towers only.We must use satelit to get distance or location ,towers to satelit , satelit to devices, devices to towers.3G combination but now 5G . telekomunikasi on , Televisyen satel;ite watch o…

Before update is good. But after update now it’s very hard to connect. Been searching and got around 5 open wifi.

It was great but after the update, everything kinda went downhill, I used to connect with a nearby free wifi but now it tells me it can’t connect, 

Nice App to install in one Mobile. Very handy n useful. Thanks.

I have been using WiFi Master for almost 3 years! This is the best WiFi apparatus in PlayStore. Well Done. Thanks and Cheers.

Very fast, big up . it takes less time to search.

This application really helps me in doing school work if I don’t have enough quota My suggestion is that please make this application respond faster if you want to connect to the nearest Wifi Greetings as warm as Hot Chocolate

It still requires passwords in all WiFi. I can’t even open the map, it tells me to turn on the Wi-Fi Master’s location that is already on

I love this app. I can explore for get more free wifi. But.. If i can get wifi password.. I think it will be more fun. 😊

Very very bad apps. Firstly it connect wifi now it only failed to connect and say try to switch advanced option.

Very good.. but at times it’ll not connect well after I’ve activated it with Data.

Great app,never try this but the first impression has moved me

Great app, it helps my mobile phone connect Wifi access point more stable.

It’s really a good apps.no doubt about it all.i really appreciate to the apps company.i love this apps anyway.i hope they will make more apps like WiFi master in future.have fun.

Good app to detect problem associated with speed and signal of my wifi

Awesome app download it sure as hell its 101% working!!! 💖

Its very usefully. Its make always online in every wifi area

I test using this app to connect my neighbour wifi and it’s working!!! Thank u

Good app 👍 but use lots of my data can please less then parts? Thanks for the great app

This app is very good in covering with hotshots and it is very easy to use.thanks wifi master

One of the best app for wifi detection and connection

Good application to ease wifi selection and new setup.

Truly great at information on the strongest wifi signal location!😊 Download

It is very good.but it is only what you know the password for it to open

Power in the network security Android phone network security settings and sarvisce

This software is amazing but one wifi i can’t be added….security very hard…can be open

Itsy good but its not connected again when you reboot your fon do something

The best app in play store.but it connects only one wifi