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So far so good. The call is clear. Currently, I can call from abroad and I can choose either US phone number provided by Dingtone or local phone number to show on the other party. I can receive OTP via sms text messages. The only drawback that I’m facing right now is that while I’m in Thailand, I wo…

Just Downloaded this as I don’t have a cell provider currently. needed to call out of work and had no other option but to download a phone app. setup was so fast and easy and the call quality was great! You have to earn credits to make calls but they are easy as watching a short ad or filling out a .

strong risk of personal info being stolen. Cannot make calls without allowing it to record all audio. Had to call credit card company and the computer on the other end was receiving input from another source (not me). I hung up before I put my cc # in and uninstalled it. My phone is disconnected atm…Full Review

This app is so easy to use and quality of calls are adequate. but It has some issue in credits achievement, I can’t trust to achieve credit method. Sometimes I follow all instruction but I can’t achieve anything or I lose them suddenly. please check your code and process of getting credits.

This app was so good I almost forgot all other calling apps. But now for a while it starts giving trouble, every now and then it gets disconnect even with strong and good quality internet connection. Please can Dingtoone help me on this? Thanks for your reply, yes I did send feedback through the app…

Downloaded this app as it advertised free calls, but was charged a premium of $40 without me deliberately subscribing to it. I cancelled my subscription on google play (didn’t bother trying to dispute the charge) and tried to deactivate my account/device but it kept giving me a failed message withou…

I was about to Purchase a number however, i found out that when someone sends you a text message with a link included the app freezes when you try to read the message and you have a black screen. Hope it get fixed soon, Thank you.

Says free but in order to do anything you need a number which costs. Then to message and call you need credits. In no way is this free. Use to be and was good but now they switched up to make ppl pay or find another app. Idk how this can be advertised as free…

Sometimes I forget to check continuously credits once or twice in 7 days with my busiest working days then I lost stars 3 in 1-2 if it is make sure let me show any alert or by notification or message that I am going to lose star then think about it to check credits. Thanks.

The rate is expensive for india, and built-in vpn is not working to earn more credits, it’s written that we will get 0.5 to 5 credits after watching a video, but never got. Not it’s become very hard to earn credit so that i opted an alternative app. Download

Its a ok app. Just dont like that i wasted 10$ on it thinking id be able to make calls while not on wifi… But i was mistaken very dissapointed….. But on wifi u can call and text…. Wish i could get my 10$ back… Im changing my stars to 3 because the team responded to my gripe thsnk u

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