Online Money Treasure App Download

Its more than expectations … i really enjoyed it also earned money from This application … Thanks to the developer.

Very good app… And best medium to earn something… It will take time but definitely you can earn

Combined with other winr games, earned and received my first payout as promised. Ads are minimal, and the fact that you can combine your earning with other games makes it worthwhile.

really good idea, fun, innovative, quick games which keeps your attention and great way to test out games, this one is my favourite, I have been playing for a few months now and love it. The server can be a bit dodgy sometimes but I’m assuming it’s when its busy. but I am just curious the 5000 ticke…

Super fun time passer and bonus of making some kind of money however it will not recognize my username from another WINR game and I can’t create a new account because it says my email is already in use. If that could be fixed, it would have a 5 star.

Addictive!!!! Plus, you earn tickets for pretty frequent drawings for $$$. What better way to enjoy a game on your cell phone???

Good game but tickets keeps on. Disapearing why i ddnt even recieve my 5000 tickets after instillation yet the masage was sent to that it has been credited

Anytime i try to cash in or bank tickets it just says server cannot be reached or server is busy if this does not get fixed i will just delete.

For the last couple days I keep getting messages that server is busy or I need to wait until I have a stronger internet connection. Then the next time go to the app my points disspear. It has nothing to do with my internet. I stream movies and it doesn’t work no matter whaere I am. There is no way t…

Great game,fun to play. The only problem,in my opinion, is that it takes tooooo loooong to save $10, to cash out. I suppose that if you make some quests to complete, to ear some more $ would be for example m, for 100k points (bricks smashed), you get $0.10… for 1 million same, and so …

This game looks simplistic but it becomes an addiction that’s awesome!

I liked this game until the ads started to cover up the bottom of it. I can’t see the starting point or how many balls I have. When the bricks get low, they are covered by the ads too.

fun and addictive. it was doing fine for a couple weeks and now it won’t do anything as far as transferring coins into cash. disappointing. gotta delete now. ☹

Good game to kill the time, few times some of my tickets were gone and the rewards (the page you can earn extra tickets) seam not always give the reward. Download