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Very good app… And best medium to earn something… It will take time but definitely you can earn… Have some patience to earn something….

New to Big time try to play for 3 days. I collected 5000 tickets try to put in the bank it keep saying Errors server. Then Tickets disappeared dont even go to my bank. Ok try to collect deposit every 100 ok, but if you have more tickets it seems error and Tickets disappear over and over again. start…

I really do like playing this. I don’t expect to get rich but it passes the time. But I can not figure out how to turn the music off, there is not a settings option inside the app. When I’m at work I’d like to be able to turn the game music/sounds off so I can play my own music on my phone while I p…

I’m using the solitaire game and when I’ve tried to add this game and a couple of other games it says my email address doesn’t exist so I sent a couple of emails. I decided to try from scratch since it doesn’t recognize my email and it came up with a message saying that email account is already used…Full Review

The games are ok, but I’ve played for a while these mini games I swear to god they have to be fixed you just can’t get past certain points, then up comes ads, I had 30,500 counts cashed and that’s only worth 0.30c , really isn’t worth playing really

All around good time. Some games are corny, while some games are awesome, some games are almost undoable difficult.its a great way to waste your time but still exercising your brain to keep you on top of your game

Simple, but addictive games, keep you coming back for more. It’s a bit of a slow earner, but it does actually pay. I have received payment promptly upon reaching the minimum threshold.

Some of the games are fun enough, but who wants to have a 30 second commercial forced on them after EVERY SECOND GAME?

Big time games are good ..but when it come to money they robbed it all. I tried to transfer 20000 into cash but it always says that make your internet connection strong and try again. Why so …? I want my money back.

I love this app! The games are fresh and the prizes appear to be genuineā€¦I haven’t won anything yet, but will update soon if I do!