How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan

App crashed. Never even crossed boot up page. Gave it a few tries and then moved on.

Very good, it’s easy for doing cleaning and cooking thank u mauqa online. Ayesha is great worker, does good cleaning of kitchen.

Excellent app, great service. Highly recommend it

Excellent service. ..Great Team.. Cleaner man was loyal with his work,Honest and hardworking man… I just love it… Muaka Online All Team Thanks alot your great support

This is a good app. Staff is cooperative. Workers are trained and active……. I like this app.

Overall a User Friendly UI of the app, and Best for the services as well! Keep up the Good work 👍⭐

Exceptional services. On time. Highly recommended

Awesome app, good job…. Keep it up🥰

Love the convenience being a working women.. Helpers arrive at time and do their work absolutely great… Loved it..

Such a wonderful services , i really had a good experience with mauqa helpers services , higly recomended . Thank you Mauqa , and all your team 🙂

I have been a Mauqa user for a while now. The best part about this app is that ot has been continously impoving and getting better (minus a few glitches) and saved me from the pain of calling and booking a helper since i’m an impatient person. Who knew calling help would be that easy!

very professional service. even though there are few delays in the booking at times but the quality of work always exceeds expectations! 🙂

I am very happy with your services. And i recommended this app to everyone in my social circle. Great job !!

I heard about the app from a friend and no doubt it is an amazing app. I, myself would like to do some household activities so that i can make some money out of it and help you guys … Really want this app to grow fast and spread worldwide so that your service is available to everyone

the app team has very actively coordinated to fix a few bugs. amazing user experience.

Faisal helped alot , he was neat and clean and cleaned the house properly. Highly recommended.

My overall experiece was really good. I needed some quick help and it was a very good experience.

To state their service is abysmal is an understatement. Upon selecting one of the available time slots, I received a phone call stating everything is in order. Shortly after i received another phone call asking me to reschedule. i make the necessary arrangements and then they call me stating no one .

It was a life saver cook was on leave and my daughter was arriving with her family. The cook who came was very quick and efficient and managed everything very well.

Good aap and excellent services all the staff and all helpers are very well trained

I am very happy with ur services and i recommended this app to everyone at my workplace.good job.

Today I booked a lady for cleaning and she was very slow in 2 hours she just leaned 2 rooms a lounge and kitchen no bathrooms even I had to put things back my self

Love the feel of the application! Download

The workers are so damn slow. I booked the person for 2 hours for ironing of clothes. In 2 hours he had only ironed 6 shalwar kameez. Very disappointed. Told him many times to work faster but still he kept working slow. Never using again.

Good and bad people are everywhere.

The most important thing is that you will see live chat button on Website Development tutorials and the most important of all these are implemented in Pakistan

If u cany manage this app just crash it…its so annoying as i started for signup.fix the errors then uploads.otherwise dont waste the time and data

There is no deliberate working on the datanase like it asks for City time and again if u have already added as well as job titles titles titles. It doesnt proceed even after many attempts. Poor app

This app has gone crazy. It won’t proceed from the ‘job match setting’ page. Despite of filling all the information, it keeps asking me to select city.