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2 stars for now. Only because I’m just starting with this ap.

Really very good app 👉(Z C Y 8 G Y)👈 The game itself is very promising however there are some portions of the game that are disastrous. So the game is the best RPG game on Mobile so far however there is a large quantity of people too. The game is very good and needs regular updates to make the gam…

Best app 👉(Z C Y 8 G Y)👈 So far the app is really cool I have yet to cash out but I look forward to doing so. the only thing that is a little concerning is I noticed the daily raffle when I’m looking at the past winners I noticed all the photographs that it scrolls through are the same over and ov..

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I gave it 1 star because I had to this game is fun but the people running it sux. Someone is rude to me because there app won’t payout to my PayPal but yet it’s an option and I have PayPal so if you want to waist your time go ahead, I wouldn’t and I don’t recommend this app….

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