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I downloaded it looking for a key line overlay app and was pleasantly surprised to find way more useful functionality. It’s super useful and I would recommend it to any Android developer who is serious about UI work

Just awesome. A great tool for developers. best in class 👌👌

This one is super . Can you add some options in overlay i.e., exception to home screen and video like that….

Perfect! Very easy to use yet so helpful.

Everything seems good but the grid is actually not accurate

images are in all apps even in my videos over all good but not satisfied

Three must have features are there, so, 5 stars should be given.

This app is very beautiful

The app is beautiful, so incredibly useful and it makes me happy every time I use it. I wish I could give you guys more than 5 stars 🙂

Perfect for doing design QA. no more fights about whether or not specs were followed, no more copying awkward screenshots and drawing over them.

I rarely review android app. I am also a developer always issue on layout alignment today got a solution. Thanks you so much. Keep it up!

Its strange that as designers your toggle buttons are white signifying off and dark when its on. Its wrong visually.

The best app i got in 2020. Really cool tools. As a developer i really needed those. Thank you. Would like to see more amazing apps like this. Keep it up!!

It’s a great app to use but some people may have to adjust their learning curve to really understand the usefulness this app holds.

This app is really well made. Developers who know what they are doing. Thanks for creating this app, Keep it up!

There are black screen flashes sometimes when I move color picker.

Beautifully designed, love the custumizble grid and color picker tool.

Quite innovative and excellent app! A must-have for developers

Thanks for such a great tool. 👍 Download

Great app that really enhances the productive creative ability of my tablet

A must have app for an Android developer

Best ever app for UI designers

Excellent. One of the most helpful and well-designed app out there.

This app great! I love the grid overlay

Very useful when making Apps

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