Melon VPN – Unlimited Unblock Free Wifi Proxy VPN App Download

Works well. Only von that I can find that works in this country. When you disconnect it seems todisconnectfully and close, not stay open in background until you switch offpad. Really easy to use. Much better than 10 i tried altogether. Only thing it has annoying apps. This is totally ok as i can pay…

Used to work perfectly but since updating to Android 10, its says “Failed for local port busy”. I’m 100% certain the upgrade of phone version is what has caused this. Please make this app Android 10 compatible and I’ll rate 5 stars 🙂

After the last update, it constantly crashes with the 2007 error when trying to connect. I have to close the application and try again. Sometimes it connects after 3 times.

It is very good. The fact that you can watch ad to enjoy 5 hrs of vip is amazing! No other vpn apps does that.

Absolutely horrid. Didnt connect to any servers even after watching the fancy video advertisement for “free” 5 hours of premium

After last update nothing is connecting. Nor the vip after add nor the free servers. Now it is a useless vpn.

Always been easy and fast to use but the new update means it will no longer work for me . 🤔

it dosen’t take a lot of data on tope of that its firster to connect. this App is nice.

Damn good app at first but days after itz starting to get a little screwed up but still goin….

Used to be great but not working after recent Android update Hopefully the Devs are working to fix and if they do I will rate 5 stars

Amazing but sometimes I can’t connect to the server but keep up the amazing work

What exactly you did to your app with this last update? It dose not connect anymore. Pretty much useless now, as dose nothing but show advertisements…

Not working as a previous version… it worst like other vpn app now

If u are looking for unlimited and free vpn, this app is great. Download

his is the best vpn app on play store. I recommend you to be install it. This is the most popular app on play store.

Too much benefits , easy content and real connection

Thanks Works fine with Disney+.. Thanks.

It can be take more star but after update we can’t connect vpn

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