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I play Asphalt 9 and have been plagued by poor internet with lags, skips, poor connections and disconnects. Once this app was installed there was a dramatic increase in my speed and connection to the internet … Asphalt 9 requires a solid internet connection … Super VPN has provided this advantag…

Today I tried at least a dozen VPN, and this one gave me Fastest Speed…!!!! Thank you so much developers..!! Deleting all other VPN apps, will keep using this one now, and give my long term review later.

It’s all fine about this apps i love this apps .it’s works properly,excllent apps

Yes it is the fastest vpn I tried and it blocks very well and surfs great but it keeps disconnecting, otherwise it’s great.

The most excellent VPN I’ve ever encountered; very fast connection and easiest to use. Once connected, it will remain connected until you disconnect it. I love it so much.

I am using this VPN since last six years and i didn’t faced any problem. I recommend it for those who needed to surf hassle free

First VPN I’ve tried and it’s simple to use. Trialing the free one at the moment and have no complaints thus far

this real super free vpn, dont know in the future will get slower or not, for now this the best fast free than other, dont know this safe to use but never using this to pay anything

Highly Recommended this app, especially if your going to China. Works amazingly, and the prices are comparatively very cheap! The free version works amazing but I was very happy to pay for premium!

It is a great app for me It is my favourite app… And if this app gave me good network and data connection when i use it , i committed that i will use this app forever until my death..

I was stranded in a far off place not able to contact my near ones. Super VPN only helped me. Thank you.

Yes, it deserves more than a ‘5 🌟 rating.’ I’ve tried many VPN apps from the Play Store but this one is the fastest among them. Love it.

It’s one of the very few free vpns that actually work in China. Really indispensable.

Very easy to use and simple steps to getting your vpn, the ads are not really affecting the time you need to use the app.. Pretty good app for use.. Thank you guys and keep it up

I was just introduced to it few days ago and I must say it’s been an eye opener. Am able to listen to radio like never before. Thanks to this app.

Very happy with this app. Keeps me connected through all the restrictions imposed on our net.

Download Now And Enjoy This App

So far so good, seems to work as advertised. Thanks SuperVPN. We Purchased a 30 day trial offer.

Excellent. The only VPN among the ones I’ve installed that worked while I was in China…and it’s free!

It is the best free no money using vpn and it also gets connected fast and easly so it really deserves 5 stars.

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