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It’s just great! Provides all the servers that you would ever need, and also mentioning that half of the servers are free! The VPN helps me to get access to Instagram filters and music, because they are not available for my country. I would recommend this VPN.

I’ve used about five others, and though they work most of the time, this one connects almost instantly and stays connected. It’s the smoothest running one i’ve used. definite keeper in my tray.

I get why showing adds is important for free apps, but it’s really annoying that now they are popping up every minute when I’m trying to stream a video. If possible, please show the adds while connecting and disconnecting from the app.

One of the best VPNS I have used so far. No annoying ads, you can use the VPN for as long as you like. The servers are so fast that you don’t even need VIP. Would definitely

Pretty satisfied with this app but lately noticed that the tabs for “fastest servers” and “free” were switched from left to right. Is this something coming from your app or should I be concerned??? Today noticed it was switched back again.

Of all the “free” VPN apps I tried this is the only one that works and allowed me to test it without putting in a payment method to start a free trial. I love that.

Always the best and fastest. Only one point about this VPN is it seems uses more data rather than other ones and I hope developers do something about fake VPNs which use very similar icon to seduce customers.

It’s been good for a couple of days but my VIP info is getting out of sync and it’s connecting me to the free servers. Kindly please address the issue.

Better by far compared to previous vpn app I bought and also it is free. Will definitely buy the upgraded version. Great work by the app developers. Hats off!

Best free vpn out their! Srsly. Used a lot of different vpns already. This one doesn’t disappoint me. Others vpn tho sometimes fast sometimes slow. This one, I know i can always rely on for a free vpn. So thanks devs!

So far so good. Working great on my LG G7 slimQ. So far no issues, connects within seconds and stay connected reliably the entire time i have used it for hours and hours on end.

Very useful ,for me to unlock any website which are blocked yet in my area . Performance is good but I want more free fastest vpn in this app with advanced features

Works great, good speed, but occasionally disconnects for ads, and once I disconnect from the vpn, I have to turn off my WIFI and turn it back on in order to reconnect

Best open vpn app. Seamless connection. Stable in slow network also. Speed is not compromised. Overall, the better choice.

A good App, does what it says with minimal Ads and it’s very easy to use. Definitely a good recommendation!

Fantastic. No too many ads for free. Runs smoothly. Does its job perfectly.

Very helpful for me. So far, this is the best VPN i use. Thanks for your hardwork for this VPN. 😄👍

Very pleased with performance and servers, obviously has ads,,but clearly not issue considering what you get for unpaid version.

So far so good,very small app + easy peasy n that ain’t no joke 🃏.only problem I’ve had is it wont load MARVEL STRIKE FORCE (game) when connected to vpn.i give this app 2 thumbs

Its ok.. Works when you have nice network connection It decreases the browsing speed, i think thats because of my connection or else its the best.

Very Satisfied, but need more speed specially in Indian Free Server. In streaming, it often buffers, Please consider the issue, Thanks.

It was fast, but frequently crashed, causing me to need to turn on the VPN repeatedly.

It is a very well working VPN. Within seconds I was able to enjoy on faster WiFi.

Download Now And Enjoy This App

I like how it works most of the time and how your update made it worse along with making accidentally opening an ad is just icing on the cake.

This app is very very good application.becouse I have WiFi networks to improve the authentication.its speed is very fast 3mb/s It’s using very easily……

Totally works, and its free completely with an upgrade option. The ads are horrible though. All dating sites and live sex chats. Also, each time I download something, the server that I’m on slows down and I have to manually reset the connection to the fastest server. All in all, I am somewhat happy …

The signals of India in the app are very low to a great extent that I couldn’t even watch any episode in VOOT app like MTV india shows i.e ace of space and splitsvilla. Please improve this…

The speed drops to 70kb/s after using it for 5mins or so, sometimes even in less time.

After buying premium subscription it doesn’t work. Still connects to the free servers and not the ones that I paid for. Useless app.

One of the best vpn to download movies…. It is faster than all other vpn’s…. I like using it…

Very nice but I’m not sure will understand what I mean but can u make it so there is a shortcut button in the notification thing when u swipe down from top of screen. Thanks

Greet app finally can get a vpn and not lag out of a game. Please add more severs around the globe to make it even better and add ip switcher

Great free app for VPN. kudos to team. It has adds as its free but it’s worth.

Had high hope for this one, however ; it slowed my internet down tremendously. I mean i actually gave up on the loading screens. Even doing a simple search in the playstore, I would get stuck on a loading screen. Disconnected and bam, problem solved. I ended up downloading “Thunder vpn” so far its v…

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