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Totally free and works great. I was using this app a long time ago and then I had switched over to windscribe which I don’t even remember the reason why but I regret it because this one has stayed true and windscribe now well let’s just say stare a lot less than true to what they once were definitel…

Fantastic brilliant experience with the skills development course and the experience of working with the skills development unbelievable experience with capacity of the most important challenge in the team and the team and I am delighted to help and support the team with a I believe I am working on …

Seems to run pretty well the adverts dont bother me, but you have to check all the time to clear and speed up bandwidth etc should do automatically apart from that good programme

In an online world overflowing with trouble makers, it can be difficult to cope. Touch VPN appears to offer immediate hope and respite for victims of this abuse. While law enforcement authorities in many countries have no idea whatsoever about corrective measures, Touch VPN opens a door to immediate…Full Review

Only app I have ever made a review for. This is s good free vpn but its basically adware. Whenever you open an app while it is active, it displays an add. After you turn off the vpn, it reconnects aswell. The extra features that it has like the storage cleaner and battery life extender are lies too….

Nice experience! VPN signal are stable nd I’m not in the kind of person who lose 10 to 20 dollars for vpn app, according to my experience this app is bhaut hard nd it’s my humble req atleast ek try to banta yrr

How hard is it for your developers to configure the app to stop asking me if I like the app every single time I open it?? Incredibly annoying. Also incredibly annoying: Your app opening an ad every time i open another app on my phone. No matter app it is, you open opens itself to show me an ad. It a…

Best VPN.Good Service.Only One 5🌟 Vpn . Very useful.. βœ“ Free: 100% free. No credit card information needed. No trials offered. βœ“ Unlimited: Truly unlimited. No session, speed or bandwidth limitations. βœ“ Simple: Unblock the world with just one touch of the β€œConnect” button. βœ“ Secured: Our strong SSL…

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Excellent VPN the best free I’ve ever used! Hide that MFing IP addy with Touch. I did. πŸ˜‰

been using this for months now. Seems to be working fine other than the key icon won’t shut off even after the app is closed. It does have a low self esteem, however, as it is constantly seeking reassurance that i like it and rate it.

This is an great free vpn and it always works unlike other vpnd I have used over the years. the only problem I have with this vpn is that sometimes the vpn doesn’t disconnect but that does not mean It works, it’s just not disconnecting when I want it to and I have to force close it to fix it

It’s a great vpn! I love that its simple to use, one touch to turn it on. Drawbacks: Sometimes it shuts off without notice, a reconnecting notice would work. Also its annoying to be asked EVeryTime (even after giving a review) if I like the app, twice maximum would be better.

My previous rating was 5 stars. But the automatic connect is driving me bonkers. No way to disable, constantly have to force stop, no way to exit. I only use VPN for certain usages.

Amazing app. More than I expected, the app control centre is really cool

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It’s very fast, you have a lot option if you want to change your location and IP adress and charges less as compared to other VPN apps. It would be wonderful if you always make it free once installed and add reliable anti-virus. That would make it best.

This VPN can only be the best in my opinion. It does exactly what it promised. I feel quite secured in using it and so should you if you wish to keep your browsing experience private and interesting.

I have recently started to use this vpn, and so far it is the best I have ever used. Thanks . R. Khalilbeigi And more I use it , more I believe that it is one of the best free VPNs, if not the best I have ever used.

I think this app is the best VPN in this Store, because it is useful and you can use it easily then you can connect and stop with a good way In general,I love it so much

Good app and works well but the advertisements whenever opening a new tab or Web page start to irritate. The odd advert I can abide by, but not every time. If they sorted that out it’s a 5* app.

I want only particular app to go through VPN, I do not wish all my data to route through your VPN, your app doesn’t support this mode, that’s bad app design.

Just like with all the other apps I tried so far, this 1 doesnt work either. Aust is banned from playing microgaming games, I try to play on the online casino’s but the VPN doesnt seem good enough, the casino’s can still detect that my country is restricted.

Touch V.P.N., Is A Really Good Application For Your Device, Be It Your Smartphone, Tablet,Or P.C., Touch V.P.N. Is A Very Good Thing To Have !!! And Helpful App., To Protect All Your, Devices, Be It Your, Smartphone, Tablet, Or Even P.C.’s For All Your V.P.N. Protection Needs. Yours Truly, Dennis D….

This vpn is really good. So far I’m liking it except that the ads are so annoying. They pop up out of no where when you’re on other apps

The app is very good. I’ve had No problems with connections at all. It does the job that I have been looking for. Highly recommended.

Great App! Tgis VPN is very intuitive and easy to use it also helps you manage data usage and stuff! Overall Great!!!

It’s a fast vpn and very powerful.. although someties it stops working and stops the net access altogether, which is maybe because the internet filtering in one country

Okay very nice but It would be great if India location was available for free. First of all I am excited. Just think once. Because any program is too embarrassing to watch.

Really good vpn, it let me access SoundCloud premium songs free!!!!! Most phone vpns are really fake and dont provide good service Only thing they use for money apart from theyre premium servers are occasional 5 second ads so enjoy a freee vpnnn!!! Thanks touch!

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